Guidance For Executors, Administrators And Trustees

Settling an estate is a large, important responsibility. With the help of an experienced lawyer, any type of personal representative of an estate — an executor, administrators of an estate or a trustee — can move ahead with reassurance. Clients of The Law Offices of Jeffrey T. Vanderveen turn to my law firm for direction. Knowing the right steps to take and having a resource to answer questions throughout the process can alleviate worry and facilitate a timely completion of estate administration.

Were you named the executor, administrator or trustee in someone’s estate plan? If this person has recently passed away or if doctors predict the end of life is near, you can get a head start on legal matters with my help. Contact me for guidance instructions and assistance administering your loved one’s estate or any estate you are responsible for handling.

Much – Needed Direction And Ready Answers To Questions As They Arise

An important first step for any executor, administrator or trustee is to get an accurate inventory of assets. The Law Offices of Jeffrey T. Vanderveen provides valuable advice and assistance to personal representatives going through this process. I also counsel clients if necessary and prepare to distribute assets that make up a California estate.

Executors: I am estate lawyer Jeffrey T. Vanderveen. I can help you take the decedent’s will through probate, a necessary process if the estate has a value of more than $150,000.

Administrators: Get the help you need to resolve an estate when there is no will (intestate). Generally, the closest living relative can be appointed to handle an intestate estate.

Trustees: I can help you complete a review of assets to determine which assets have had titles transferred correctly into the name of the trust. Assets not entitled to the trust will likely have to go through probate.

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