Advocating For You In Trust And Probate Litigation

Like a will, the validity of a trust can be contested. Many issues can result in trust litigation, including:

  • Incomplete or incorrectly written trusts that are too general or too specific
  • Marriages, divorces, blended families or other family changes that occur after a trust is written
  • Changes in assets that occur after a trust is written
  • Trustee issues, such as delayed or incorrectly distributed assets and mismanagement

These matters require guidance and representation from an experienced lawyer. I am Jeffrey T. Vanderveen, a California attorney who has been practicing in this area of law since 1983. I can represent trustees and beneficiaries in all aspects of trust litigation, including those pertaining to breach of trustee duties, trust contests and beneficiary claims. My goal is to protect your rights and interests while working toward the best possible resolution.

Trust Me, A Former Probate Examiner

Although many probates efficiently work their way through the legal system, others come with conflicts and disputes that can result in litigation. Issues can include incomplete wills, will contests, improper estate administration and breach of fiduciary duties by the estate executor. These situations demand strong and effective legal counsel.

As a former probate examiner and seasoned attorney, I have the skills and knowledge to handle even the most complex probate litigation. I am comfortable in the courtroom and know what to expect from the local legal system and court processes. Whether you are an executor or beneficiary, I will work to ensure that your rights are represented and to achieve a satisfactory resolution.

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