Clear Guidance With Estate Planning

The Law Offices of Jeffrey T. Vanderveen advises clients seeking to design customized estate plans, typically including one or more of the following:

A Simple Will

Most individuals do not even have the protection of a simple will. This device allows you to achieve your desires and directs the administration of your assets upon death. Without a simple will, your estate will be dispersed pursuant to state law and not as you desire.

A Living Trust

A Living Trust provides several benefits over a simple will. First, a Living Trust allows your estate to avoid probate. Probate can be costly and extremely time consuming. Another advantage is that you may be able to reduce the amount of estate taxes, which can quickly reduce the value of your estate which is transferred to your heirs.

A Living Trust gives you full control of your assets, both during your lifetime and after. In addition, a Trust can easily be amended to reflect changes, such as the purchase of a new home, automobiles, stocks, etc. at your convenience.

A Living Trust permits you to control your assets and easily care for family and relatives after you pass away. You can easily direct any person to act as a trustee to monitor and take care of young children for their education, health and general welfare.

A Pour Over Will

This device is used in conjunction with a Living Trust in order to effectively and efficiently allow for the transfer of your property that was unintentionally not listed in your Living Trust.

A Durable Power Of Attorney

Most powers of attorney are valid only during the time each individual is competent. A Durable Power of Attorney survives periods of illness and incompetence which may occur later in life. This device is a simple means of keeping control of your medical services and your financial affairs.

A Medical Power Of Attorney

This legal instrument authorizes an agent to make health care decisions for the principal. These decisions include granting, refusing or withdrawing consent for health care, or decisions to begin, continue, increase, limit or discontinue health care. A Conservatorship may be needed in the absence of a Health Care Power of Attorney when someone becomes incapacitated.

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