Conservatorships And Conservatorship Litigation

When an individual becomes incapacitated and can no longer manage his or her financial affairs, family members or other concerned individuals can ask the court to protect the incapacitated individual and appoint a conservator. Whether the conservator is an individual or professional, the conservator has many important responsibilities and obligations. We are familiar with Conservatorship litigation, conservatorship law and litigation trial techniques. There are many reasons conservators and conservatorships end up in litigation, but one of the main reasons is because Conservators abuse their power through careless or reckless handling of the conservatee's assets.

Also any concerned person may object to the conservatorship in general, or to the specific choice of a conservator. We represent clients in a variety of conservator actions, including, but not limited to:
Contesting the validity of the conservatorship;
Contesting the appointment of a particular conservator;
Representation of conservators;
Accounting of conservatorship finances;
Breach of a fiduciary duty; and Conservatorship mismanagement.